Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This pair have been wonder products for me. Whilst they are marketed for 'grey, white or platinum blonde' hair, but they fall under the class of 'purple shampoo' or 'toner', cancelling out brassiness in all lightened, highlighted or blonde hair types.

Seeing as I have dark hair that is dyed chocolate brown with half-head caramel blonde highlights, my hair color tends to inevitably diminish into a rather alarming and unflattering shade of brass! Purple shampoo ought to return such colors to their original ash-toned glory!

I used this as it instructs, twice a week, using their Maintenance Shampoo in between. Originally I found that Touch of Silver worked particularly well and the results from each wash were both immediate and apparent however with continuous use and towards the end of their life I did find they became less and less effective - my imagination?

Purple shampoo is notorious for turning very blonde hair, well - purple. As my hair is dark I have never experienced this problem however the blonde among us should be somewhat careful. 

The shampoo is all very difficult to lather, sometimes not lathering at all. You need to use a fairly large amount of it in absolutely soaking wet hair to achieve something that could possibly be called froth, It is also quite drying, most tend to be, but the conditioner does help with that.

As for the smell - it is rather unusual but not unpleasant. It reminds me of something, I get a curious deja-vu-like smell-associated experience every time...I can never quite put my finger to it though. Be warned however, it does linger.

As for price, for £2 a bottle, they seem pricey when compared to average shampoo on the other hand they are probably among the cheapest I have found when it comes to anti-brass products!

I think that is really all I have to say about these products. I have liked them while I have had them but now they are gone and it was never love anyway. I am looking forward to finding something new for my hair!

Have you tired purple shampoo? I'd be interested in hearing how others control and maintain their hair color so drop me a comment and don't forget to follow and +1 me if you enjoyed this post!


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