Wednesday, 21 August 2013
These are becoming quite frequent but I will make it short and sweet.

After having clumsily destroyed my newest pair of lashes on the morning of my cousins weddings and upset my eyes enough that they wouldn't stop watering - needless to say I went without that day - I felt the need to treat myself to a new pair. 

After scanning the display and taking in the usual suspects, Eyelure, Girls Aloud, Boots own brand, Katy Perry and the likes I came upon The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

Correct me if I am wrong, but these beauties must have been around for ages but my tendency to hover over to familiar brands particularly when it comes to eyelashes may have meant I'd passed them by on countless occasions. 

They come in 5 unique styles, represented by 5 different characters. I have here 'Kitty's' eyelashes for 'maximum impact'. This particular pair has a soft black band that make them easy to apply and feel comfortable to wear. I discovered recently that clear bands are not quite as simple as everyone makes out! They are also quite a bit shorter than traditional lashes, I for one have fairly small eyes and these fit perfectly, no snipping necessary. I pick these for two reasons, one because \i wanted 'going-out lashes' so considerably dramatic and secondly because the length of these lashes are relatively even from the center outwards. Most lashes wing out in the corners however as I already have quite almond shaped eyes, the style overemphasizes them.

The Vintage Company's packaging is incredibly sweet, combining stripes and floral prints. On the back of the pack they also suggest a few ways you can style them to achieve a certain look, such as eye-shadow and lippie pairing.

Moving on to my rediscovery...

I unsuspectingly wandered into the deodorant section and saw these:

I haven't bought bodysprays in years! They were totally 'in' when we were in our preteen years but soon afterwards my interest in them waned. Impulse have super pretty packaging and have brought out new scents that smell divine! I love how they describe the notes on the back to give you an idea of the feeling of the scent. I really want to love these again, and as Boots have them on offer for just £1, naturally I had to buy 4.  

Drop me a note and let me know what you think of these products. Don't forget to like and follow :) xx

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