Saturday, 10 August 2013
It was only recently that Yesstyle have opened a website exclusively for the UK and yes -  I have been keeping a close eye on them these few years. Over the moon and charged with enthusiasm and willingness to give it a try I decided to change up my entire skin care routine, from toner to eye cream.

Sadly the eye cream did not arrive, Yesstyle seem to work on an on-demand basis and the manufacturer of the cream had ceased to produce them indefinitely. This delayed my order by a few days, Yesstyle was very apologetic in their correspondence and diligently dealt with the issue, promptly returning my money. They also let me keep my free shipping although my total now fell below the minimum spend.

So here are the rest of the products that I purchased.

for skin care I stuck to one brand, Laneige. It had very positive reviews and I felt the need to be consistent here.

1. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream, 50ml:
This is a very hydrating water based cream for dry to normal skin. I am very  finicky when it comes to moisturizer, most moisturizers are too dry for my skin and just sit on the surface while I turn into a prune underneath. I suffer from the 10 second rule, where if i do not apply moisturizer within 10 seconds of drying my face, my skin forms an impermeable barrier that does not allow moisturizers to sink in. I have to splash my face in order to release it again. Strange, I know. This cream, however, seems to counteract this peculiarity, it sinks deep into the layers of my skin regardless of how dry it is. I really feel that this truly hydrates, and not just moisturizes. It feels as though it fills up in and around my skin cells, returning elasticity to my face.

2. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX, 80ml:
This is a gel like, watery formula which I have been using as a night cream. Immediately after applying, it looks and feels wet but within a minute or two, it seals over and can feel a little tight. I mistook this for dryness the first time however on washing my face the next morning, the gel (still there) returned to its original consistency and washed away. This quality I feel keeps the product from slipping and rubbing off your face in the night and retains it like moisturizing socks and foot creams. I never wake up with dry flaky skin when using this.

Both of these products come with a small plastic spatula, perfect for hygienic application. I have not once had to dip my finger into the pot. They also both smell like sea minerals, light and pleasant when applying and disappears soon afterwards so it is not lingering. both are water based as opposed to oil based, so they do not leave you feeling greasy like most common moisturizers.

3. Laneige White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector, 50ml:
I bought this toner believing it would help combat areas of pigmentation, such as around the eyes and mouth. I also believed it would come in liquid form like a traditional toner that can be applied with a cotton pad. Its remarkably high SPF (40PA+++) was also an attractive feature.

In reality this turned out to be a white shimmery cream formula, one that I am still struggling to figure out how to use. With a little experimenting I have come up with 3 effective methods of using this for different purposes. Its true purpose, however, is still a mystery to me. Directions for use would have been helpful here.

4. Missha B Perfect Cover BB Cream, 50ml:
This is the bb cream that I have had my eye on for some years now. When Yesstyle opened their service to the UK it was the first item on my to-buy list. its consistency is thick and creamy, with medium coverage and has a bonus of super high sun protection with an SPF of 42 PA+++, a rarity in the Western market. I want to do a full review on this product soon so I won't talk about this further here. I'll try not to tantalize you too much by delaying it!

Overall I am very pleased with my products, except maybe the tone up corrector, they have been a satisfying introduction to Korean skincare in general. Although they have worked well for me, I want to discover more brands and products and for that reason my next purchase may not necessarily be these.

Since my Yesstyle purchase I have discovered another website,, which offers free delivery on all products with no minimum spend and small price variations.

Let me know what your views are on Korean products, whether you have tried them, use them already or whether you may/may not venture out to them.

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