Saturday, 10 August 2013

Where do I start? It tends to confuse people when they ask me about the brand of skin care products I use, and when I respond to their questioning looks with, 'It's Korean', it become yet more perplexing. The question that follows is usually something along the lines of, 'Why Korean?'

I cannot quite say when my focus of all things fashion and beauty shifted towards the Asian market. It may have very likely started when my high-school best friend became consumed by Korean music and their doll-like superstars. She introduced me to the Korean fashion website, YESSTYLE.COM.

Although at the time the music and the singers gained not a flicker of interest from me, their fashion, on the other hand, I felt I could appreciate.

Then, not so long ago, the whole of the western cosmetics market exploded with the introduction of bb creams. They claimed to tend to a huge range of out skincare needs, a miracle in a bottle. However a little research into them, and I was quickly uninspired. their fanatical claims where merely fictional, they where no more than your standard tinted moisturizer wrapped in big words and bold exclamations. Needless to say, not one of the popular western BB Creams made it to my collection.

The rave was not entirely futile in its efforts to win me. Through my research I was growing more and more intrigued with Asian products, it is after all where the bb cream craze originated, and it is where BB Creams - real bb creams that is to say - have been rife the last 10 years. My only barrier was availability and shipping. I struggle to trust Amazon on this point.

Read my review on my Korean skin care products and bb cream here (yes, I finally got hold of them).

It appears the Asian population, both male and female are very conscientious when it comes to skincare, with skincare being a far greater seller over cosmetics. And I quite agree, good makeup starts with a good base. Whilst here in Western society, beauty regimes are traditionally limited to cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and more recently serum, Korean regimes are, in comparison, extensive and complex and can involve a list of around 7 or so products.

It is no wonder that Korean people appear to have the most flawless skin, even without makeup (I hear it is also because it is popular over there to have your own dermatologist, but who knows). I am really looking forward to gradually working my way, trying and testing, through the vast abyss of the Korean beauty market, from their skincare down to their cosmetics and taking on board their tips, tricks and signature styles!

Further reading: this is a wonderful, thorough post that I stumbled up from The WanderLust Project, describing the ins and outs of each component of  the Korean skincare regime.

For places where you can buy Korean cosmetics, check for updates on the Links page!

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