Thursday, 29 August 2013
My this months most reached for items, the most utilized and the most enjoyed. Read on!

1. Mac Paintpot in Vintage Selection:

I bought this on a whim just after the last of my summer exams when I was going on a shopping rampage! It looked so pretty on first swatch and I am naturally drawn to anything even slightly vintage inspired. Once I had taken it home I was, at first, having second thoughts. Its undertones are particularly cool and silvery, and I have always struggled to pull off silver eyes. This month, wedding month for me, it came out once again and has actually proved to be wonderfully complementing, so simple and easy to use and goes beautifully with a nude eye. I am delighted to be promoting it from occasional-wear to every-day!

2. L'Oréal Flse Lash Telescopic mascara:

This is my newest mascara, bought through recommendations from other bloggers. I was skeptical from the moment I picked it up, after all how good can a mascara possibly be? With regular use, I have found it to be everything my other mascaras were missing, the fine bristles catch every lash, give amazing length with no clumping. As it says on the tin, it really does give the false lash effect, a sweep of this can create a very dramatic look. This has been my go-to mascara this month.

3. Zara Minimalist Shoes:

I apologize for reusing this pic as I featured this pair in my summer favorites post, but I feel it needs a second shout out. This pair have been my most worn and significant pair of shoes this month. I wore them on Eid, following that my cousins wedding. I even took them to London as my sole going-out pair. For heels, I must say they are particularly comfortable, easy to walk in and I am able to wear them through the entire day without feeling achy. Their minimalist style is very flattering and goes well with absolutely everything, not to mention they are oh-so-beautiful!

4. Mac 224 blending brush:

This is the first time I splashed out in a brush and I promised myself it would be the only time. My first impression of it was quite disappointing, I imagined it to be super soft and the perfect size to fit into the crease - it is neither. Once I had started using it regularly though, noticed that it had completely transformed my eye makeup, it blends products so well and gives a very polished finish. I now believe you simple cannot go without a decent blending brush in you kit. I am a believer!!

5. Kim Hyun Joong - Round 3 - Unbreakable ft. Jay Park

On a slightly different note... KHJ released his third mini album at the end of last month. Unbreakable is my favorite track out of it, my favorite of all his songs and currently the most played on my playlist. I love everything from the lyrics to the powerful music video with all its references and symbolism depicting strength, the horse, the bull, the fast cars, hawk, drums, dragons etc. You can really appreciate the fusion of Korean tradition and modern music. As usual the choreography is first class as was the rapping courtesy of Jay Park, all round perfection. A fine piece of artwork and it's a winning comeback for KHJ I think.

And that more or less wraps it up for August! Let me know what you think of my list and I would love to hear of your favorite things this months! Don't forget to +1 and follow if you enjoyed this post and comment, comment, comment - I love hearing from you all!

Signing off. xxx

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