Friday, 19 July 2013
Oops, looks like another drugstore beauty haul, terrible, terrible me! But at least I get to tell you about some of the new products I have discovered and having been loving recently.

First up are two Sleek products. These are actually my first ever Sleek buys. Up until recently I had always dismissed the brand as being of poor quality having spotted it years ago before it became a cult beauty brand in an unimpressive Asian fashion catalogue. With its growing popularity however, it has been difficult to maintain that view and after being reassured by some Instagramers I resolved to give them a try.

I opted for the Ultra Mattes Dark palette as matte colours are generally difficult to come by in eye shadow palettes and I felt I would get a lot of use out of it and the Blush by 3 palette in Lace which had amazing colours perfect for the summer.
I also bought the L'oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara after reading endless positive reviews on it and also the Super Liner Blackbuster liquid liner. I was interested in picking up their lipsticks too but the testers were so badly kept and kept falling out that I gave up on the idea.
From Revlon I went for a Super Lustrous lipstick in Kiss me Coral (you know how I can't resist lipstick) another colour I have been wanting for the turn of the season.
 A further product I had been persuaded to try are the Rimmel Lip Laquers. Initially I wasn't particularly interested in these, I am not much of a lip-gloss person and I assumed that they would be fussy and sticky and I would have to suffer intense pigment bleeding outside of my lip line but I thought I would buy at least one and give it a try. I stole my hovering hands away from the red and settle for Stellar, an almost neon-like hot pink. It is not a colour I've tried and I thought it would make for an interesting change.
I also wanted to try a new foundation. The Bourjois Healthy Mix has some pretty impressive reviews, and having already bought foundations from several other drugstore brands, I thought I'd give this one a shot.
And of course I could not forget the sunscreen. I went for the Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF 50+. The strength of it may seem much but better safe ey? I did also buy the handbag sized version of it with SPF 30 but I have entrusted it upon my little brother after he came home from sports day looked like a roasted peanut. It has gotten me a little worried so I've had him keep it in his school bag.

The Garnier Pure Active is a repurchase of mine and my favourite face wash. This is actually the second time I am buying a face wash from them in two weeks, they keep changing the packaging around and since they have several similar products I get confused, I ended up buying the wrong one the last time.
I admit after all this I even sniffed around the make-up brushes but the ones I was looking for were out of stock.
And that is the end of it.
If you wish for me to do a review on any of these products just let me know :)

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