Friday, 5 July 2013
HD Brows, I stumbled upon this brand around... a year ago? We were introduced via the widely trumpeted online beauty-to-your-door service and a blogger favourite that I was in receipt of at the time, Glossybox. I had bought the 3 month subscription in order to get what I hoped would be a good overall feel for the company and its beautifully packaged, eagerly anticipated pale pink boxes. I went as far as to join and follow their Facebook page in order to salvage supposed hints  regarding the content of future boxes and to ascertain a degree of satisfaction having read and mostly agreed with the responses of fellow box receivers. I developed a curious interest in reading of the various items that other recipients had gotten and comparing them to my own box.

One particularly raved about product was this very palette, the reviews on it were glowing and almost 100% positive, It will come to no surprise that I too entertained the hope of one such palette befalling me. I was, of course, left disappointed after my first box failed to deliver after all the contents were mostly random and there were only so many of each to go around. Since products  for boxes turn over for each month, I knew that was little, if any, chance of me getting my hands on a palette through this route. I did a little background research on the company itself - say, did you know that HD Brows were exclusively responsible for Cher Lloyds brow transformation in the X Factor? Duly impressed, I was yet sorrier to have lost out and (at the time) struggled to find it elsewhere, it appeared only to be gotten through the HD Brows salons and I lived nowhere near one of those.
Box 2 came, and all to soon the time for box number 3 cam e around. On unwrapping my Glossybox for the last time and peering expectantly within - what do I see? Lo and behold, a HD Brow palette was nestled neatly in Glossy's trademark black shredded/crinkled paper. You cannot image my delight at that very moment! It was strange enough that they had repeated a product, but for me to have gotten one was an unforeseeable yet pleasant surprise.
Source: Personal image Price: £19.96

The facts:
The product come in a sleek black plastic compact fitted with a large mirror. it fit neatly in my palm, the perfect size for popping into your handbag and traveling. Inside it has 4 pans of powder pigment and a doubled ended brush with synthetic bristles. my palette in in 'Vamp' for dark hair. It also comes in 'Bombshell' for blondes and 'Foxy' for brunettes.

The review:
The HD brow palette has lived up to all of my greatly heightened expectations. The brush that it comes with, at first seems useless and tacky but I quickly came to realise that it is anything but. The flat-ended angle brush is perfect for drawing in the perimeter of your brows and the flat paddled brush is just the thing to fill your brows between the outer edges.

The one thing I really love about this palette is its versatility. I can create a sharp defined look with it or opt for softened brows and I can go warm or I can go cool to suit my mood and the rest of my makeup in order to create any finish I want. An added advantage of these pigments being in powder form is that it create a very natural impression, you do not get heavy thick lines or waxy deposits as you would if you were to use a pencil.

The powders themselves are very soft and finely milled. It comes with 4 colours, two brown tones, one cool, the other warm, a deep black and a very fine neutral tone. All but the pale colour are highly pigmented, the black tone in particular. The pigmentation of the black makes it well suited to filling in sparse gaps in your eyebrows and creating false strands of hairs at the front of the brows. The high pigmentation means you need only a very small amount of product to fill in your brows - a small tap of the brush on the pan - a little goes a long way with this palette.

My only qualm is with the nude colour. I assume it  is designed for cleaning around the edge of your finished brows and sharpened your look further however I do not feel as though it is pigmented enough to do this; while it is visible on a loaded brush it simply does not show up on my skin. It is really of no consequence to me as I tend to skip this step anyway, and were I to wish to do so, I could use concealer as an alternative.

This chic little palette will last me some time. I have all the colours I could need in it. It is my go to palette, during the day and later in the evening. It is highly dependable and stays put all day long. I am so pleased with this product I do not find myself the least bit drawn to colour brow palettes by different brands.
I have to thank Glossybox for introducing me to this superb product; I recommend it to you as I do to my friends and family. It has gone from a trial product to one that I now cannot do without, a handbag staple. I know that I will stay loyal to it for a long time to come. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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