Sunday, 14 July 2013
As if cosmetic shopping for myself is not enough, I've lately taken up the challenge of doing so for my mummy. Having always had cosmetics bought for me by my Mum during those inexperienced pre-teen years when even a display at Superdrug seemed daunting to me, it is high time that I return that favour by doing the same for her. My mum, while not being a make-up junkie, has interest in make up like any other woman, however she does not tend to venture out and try different products could ultimately lead her to find those best suited to her. For that reason I feel obliged to go out and do it for her.
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With Mum, I have always noticed that her foundation tends to look flaky and always, always has an ashy appearance. This pointed towards the fact that her skin was dry and her current foundation was far too matte and that she needed a yellow-toned shade.
My first foundation purchase for her was the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation. At the time, I was getting nowhere trying to convince her that she needed a darker, yellower foundation and so opted for a lighter colour, knowing she would approve. As you can see, the foundation was well loved and is pretty much finished. The cakey, flaky, ashy look however was not yet defeated.
At the end of the previous year Illamasqua had one of their enormous sales, grasping the opportunity, I made a colossal purchase. Amongst them was the Light Liquid foundation in 215. As this was an online purchase, I tried to make a decent guesstimate as to her shade using online shade comparison charts and contrasting it to my own.
I was not at all convinced by the texture of this foundation nor of its shade when it had arrived. A few days of sticking to this and even Mum admitted it looked dull and ashy.
Having tried and failed to drag my mum away for a make-up spree and colour matching in Manchester (I cannot even get her to come into town with me due to her crazy schedule) I took myself to our local boots and swatched away at their various foundations.
Maybelline Fit Me attracted my attention. To my delight, the shade 220 was a most glorious match. It was creamy and blended into her skin so effortlessly you could hardly tell it was there, the undertones was sufficiently yellow giving her skin a lovely glowing look as opposed to the usual ash. I was happy, Mum was happy - success!
The Illamasqua Under-Eye Concealer in 215 was also amongst the Illamasqua haul. Mum has never used concealer so I thought it would be good for her to test it out and form her own opinion of them. There is so urgent call for them though.
Mum and I agree on the point that we both love a good lipstick over gloss any day. However where I like my deep bold bright shades, Mum is always on the lookout for that perfect my-lips-but-better colour.
Maybelline Moisture Drench lipstick in 670 Natural Rosewood:
I bought the Maybelline along with few other goodies for her birthday (or was it Mother's day?). While it wasn't perfect, Mum seemed to like it well enough to wear fairly regularly.
Illamasqua lipstick in Utopia:
Haul product. I bought this shade, an antique gold-brown colour, because I felt it was interesting but safe and when worn lightly, can be very pretty. I think Mum disagrees.
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 19:
I did a massive Rimmel haul last week (see Instagram for pictures) I have no idea what possessed me at the time. I love my Rimmel lippies so I thought it the perfect opportunity to introduce a new colour to my mum. Mum had said her perfect shade would be a browny-pink, I felt no.19 had that gorgeous earthy-rose look to it which fit that description quite well. However this lipstick was still a tad too pink for Mum to wear comfortable... ah well, guess I'm still on the lookout for that illusive perfect colour.
Caudalie Premier Cru trial sizes:
I bought this pair from Initially it was for myself but I found that I did not use it often and felt my mum would get more use out of it so I passed it on. One thing that annoyed me with the company was that when the products arrive half of the cream tube was filled with air, I really felt like sending an angry ranting email to them but had so much going I never got round to it.
Dior Capture XP Anti-Wrinkle Correction night cream sample size:
You may recall me mentioning a particular lucky dip (read more), well this mini was one of my wins. Again I felt Mum's skin would do it more justice so gave that away too.
Eyes and Brows:

HD Brow Beater:
Mum complains about her untameable eyebrows and how she likes to comb them but they never stay in place. This product came in a Glossybox, initially I was really happy to have more HD Brows products but soon realise that it was not something that I needed. Mum would appreciate it more.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick in 003 Bad Girl Bronze:
Another haul product I picked up, firstly because it is a most gorgeous bronze-brown colour and secondly because it has a smooth consistency that makes it easy to blend out. Mum likes things that are non-fussy, simple and quick, a swipe of this and she's good to go. I was going to get the paler in this range so she could create a two toned look with little effort but the products in the store had been open and looked awfully messy - maybe another time.
No7 Smokey Powder Eyeliner in Black:
I actually bought this for my aunt whilst getting my No7 lipstick in Leeds (read more), I was in fact looking for a liquid liner but in my rush I picked this up instead. I did not really want to go back and return it so I offered it to my mum. She was delighted, I didn't realise that she loved no7 products. The product does give quite a bit of fall out which is problematic but it still appears to be a firm favourite of Mum's, and unexpected winner!

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