Tuesday, 2 July 2013
Lipstick is by and large my ultimate, all time favourite cosmetic item. I cannot resist an immaculately carved glossy bullet in all those bright, bold jewel colours. The Shamima-classic would be a bold matte red and the rest of my then quite limited collection ranged between that and dark pink. An assortment of similar but different shades of red-pink tones in various finishes where for a great stretch of my teen years the dominant colours. Believe it, nudes and soft pinks did not exist in my colour vocabulary. I am not entirely sure of the reason for it. I did feel that the darker shades suited me better; I could never go wrong with them, they made my complexion look brighter and healthier. Pinks and nudes in contrast too often appeared too pale, too sickly on me and made my face look ashen. I suppose you could say that I restricted myself by never straying far down that end of the counter, I reduced the chances of myself accidently stumbling upon something new and completely unexpected. And for a long time I remained there fumbling around in that dark, narrow tunnel of mine when things where just starting to get boring when-
-the new Boots store at the Trinity in Leeds city centre were doing a charity 'beauty' lucky dip!
Knowing my luck I wasn't surprised that I pulled out a tiny anti-aging crème sample that was of little interest to me and on my second go, a sample of Smashbox's primer- the very same sample that I'd already been given for free that very same day! Ah well.
My flatmate on the other hand pulled out a No7 eyeliner (I cannot for the life of me remember which one or in what colour) and a No7 lipstick (three guesses as to which one?) both of which were generously of full size. Not at all bad for £2.

So away home, back in our flat, we sat down to inspect the fruit of our day. Now I had never been interested in No7 for cosmetics, they just looked so bland and so boring, and so darn mature! It is the brand my Mum and her generation gush over. I had some idea of their skincare being of good quality but they felt to me as being marketed towards to middle-aged and people interested in reducing their Crow's feet, their fine lines and their wrinkles.
And the colour? 'Classic Rose' is not a bright pink, it is not particularly dark either but it is at the deeper end of pink, it is also cooler toned to what I was used to with a hint of purple, dare I say ever so slightly mauve-y? There is no red it in that is for sure and it is completely matte (as is the whole range) so it sits on the lips quite opaque, letting little of your natural lip colour through. For that reason I would not call it a natural tone and most certainly not my-lips-but-better. It is a colour that can speak for itself. With it on my lips, I am usually compelled to team it will either gentle, warm, well blended gold nudes on the eyes and bronzer to warm up the face or a flick of black liner and mascara with a cool blush for a fresh-faced, I-mean-business, office look.
Would you be surprised if I now told you that I went out soon afterwards, and grabbed No7's Stay Perfect lipstick in the very shade 'Classic Rose' just 15 minutes before closing time, half panting from my power walk there in order to make in time. And I came out feeling victorious, I'd got it, it was mine! And although I did not fish this out of a basket of shredded paper and polystyrene for a pound, a still feel that I'd gotten a great deal (hah! It is one of the most expensive high-street lipsticks you can get).
It has a treasured place among my orderly row of lipsticks, and although sticks out somewhat awkwardly (at 8.5 centimetres, it is a rather gangly canister that is wider at the top than at the base and of an almost metallic-like, glossy, black-brown colour). It have 'No7' engraved onto the lid, and the product itself is not even in the pointed bullet I love so much, but a flat-headed, slim stick of pigment.
And to wear? Well, with it being a matte lipstick it is a little drying which will not appeal to everyone. On my lips it feels as though it has a creamy consistency where it has some movement when you press your lips together but it otherwise stays put. As I mentioned earlier, it is opaque and very long-lasting as promised by the range 'Stay Prefect'.
If you cannot tell already, I absolutely adore this lipstick and this particular colour! I cannot believe that I have looked past these lipsticks for so long, and I am so very grateful to have been introduced to it all thanks to that very lucky lucky-dip! I highly recommend the Stay Perfect lipsticks to you, especially if you are a matte lipstick lover like me and I most certainly will be back to No7 to try out more shades available from this range.

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