Monday, 23 December 2013

The Rimmel Apolcalips Lip Lacquers are old news, I know. I bought these in the summer when the blog-o-sphere was buzzing with excitement over them. I initially bought just the one to try out then went back for another three. I suppose that is saying something. Anyway, I figured it is better late than never, so here we are.

I was tentative about this product at first, having been described net-wide as being 'like a stain'. I have never delved into the world of 'stains', always assuming them to be dry and stubborn and patchy, naturally these terms also came to mind with regards to Apocalips. I am also not a lip gloss fan and you have to admit there is a glaring resemblance. But as with any old craze they are meant to be bought into and I had to try it for myself. I cannot for the life of me recall which came first, but now I have 4 of their shades nestled in my lip draw.

The outer packaging looks intriguing with its gradient effect on the tube and its geometrically shaped lid . The tube appears to be glass and the lid, plastic. At first sight, it does look much more substantial than an average lip gloss.

The wand inside it rather singular and exclusive to the line. It has a soft felt tip with a hallowing. I simply viewed this as a gimmick but it was only on application of the product that its purposed dawned on me. The little niche in the wand gathers product even after you scrape off the excess and as you glide it along your lips, you get a flush of deep rich thick color, not too much and not too little. With one swipe I can do both top and bottom lips without having to re-dip with this clever little cove. It really makes you wonder why all glosses don't come like this. A winning point.

The Product
As for the raw stuff it self. Surprisingly enough, it sat on the lips comfortably with somewhat of a creamy texture that isn't dreadfully drying. It is fairly glossy which is more so apparent with the deeper shades. As for its staining qualities, well beneath that layer of creaminess it does in fact stain the lips, something I personally liked about it! Why? Well when the product fades, which it inevitably will, the stain beneath it means that it does not leave behind a patchy mess, but a pretty flush of color. Speaking of fading, I do find the Apolcalips to last a fairly decent length of time and so doesn't require a great deal of topping up, another reason I tend to dislike lip glosses. I understand why some would describe it as being midway between a lipstick and a lip gloss, it sticks heavier and solidly on the lips as if it were a lipstick but the finish is more of that of a lip gloss, and then when it fades, it leaves a definite stain. all 3 in one!

To break up my rambling, here is the much awaited swatch-interlude.

1. 101 Celestial
A mauvey blue-toned pink

2. 301 Galaxy
A pale pink-violet

3. 501 Stellar
A bright almost fluorescent hot pink

4. 400 Big Bang
A bright super glossy blue-toned red

Personally the two shades that stand out the most to me are probably Galaxy and Stellar, only because they are just that little bit more unique than the other shades. I starred Galaxy in my Fall Favourites if you wish to check it out. The subtle pruple tone lets you carry of the effect of purple without alarming neither yourself nor those within your proximity. On the other hand Stellar has that vivid, coral-fluorescence going on about it that inspires the image of wild, exotic and very hungry flowers. 

So from me this bunch gets a great big thumbs up in the objective side of matters. Perhaps my only qualm with them is that they are not the first of products I reach for and for some reason are relatively easy for me to overlook, just a personal thing. The color range is another thing, it is rather limited and unimaginative aside from the two I mentioned. Rimmel did launch a few more shades, from what I recall they tended towards nude. Most, but one,  looked as though they were threatening to make me look ill. Of course the 'but one' was out of stock and I simply wasn't motivated enough to go hunting for it again.

Intriguingly enough there are those who stray from the common view and say that they disliked the product entirely. Personally I cannot find much to dislike about it, they are good products, not particularly exciting or noteworthy, but good. I probably will not be buying any more than I have, I believe my curiosity to be satiated here. It is a shame I don't wear them more than I do, is all.

So those were the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers for you! I really hope you found this post insightful, whether you share my views or contradict them do let me now down below. And if you enjoyed it do not forget to 1+ me and follow.

Ta for now

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