Friday, 4 October 2013
Fall came around a while ago as the obligatory rain here in the UK keeps reminding me and my first gut desire was to write you all a lipstick post in wake of the season. If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will already know that lipsticks are my biggest cosmetic weakness. Sadly, as I have explained in my previous post, time and situation did not allow it *sign*, I hope you will over look this deplorable delay.

It was so unbelievably difficult for me to pick out just a few lipsticks to table as my 'top' shades (or products I should say as there is a mixture), I love all my products and there were so many in my collection that fit the bill and deserve their time in the limelight. Painful as it was, I managed to control myself and cut it down to these seasonal seven...

When I imagine Fall I think jewel colors, bright, bold and vibrant and packed full of character (often other-worldly)! It is one of the most exciting and prettiest of seasons, and allows room for a little experimentation and dabbling and toeing the line of your comfort zone!

I have lipsticks, liners and a lacquer in store for you! Keep reading.

1. Illamasqua Utopia:

Now here is a peculiar shade! I am afraid the image you are seeing does it no justice, (regards to the dwindling light as rushed to get these photos taken) you will have to wait for the clearer swatches that are to come. I can only describe Utopia as '3D', and by that I mean it is not a single shade, my word, anything but! There is some antique-gold in there, a drop of orange-gold and a darker, deeper bronze interlace throughout the bullet. It has a metallic finish to it and feels matte-to-satin on the lips. Utopia has a magic touch, think 'faeries' as opposed to 'fairies'. Worn lightly it looks shimmery and intriguing, layer it and a darker character emerges with an almost Gothic edge! 

2. MAC: Twig

Twig is one of those much loved shades that is almost impossible to get wrong. If I had to give it  a new name, it would be 'Rosewood'. It is soft, gentle and earthy with a satin texture. Some times described as a nude shade, not because it is nude but because the shade feels so natural on the lips, it has color but does not attract divided attention, rather it complements an individuals complexion, their face as a whole. A comfortable, cozy color, is twig.

3. Rimmel Kate Moss: 04

Edging into danger zone now, for most people 04 is a shade you would pick up, glance at, and immediately put down. It is a blackened-purple with very little warmth to it. Worn on its on it can drain your face of color and make you look ill but teamed with plenty of bronzer and warm tones on the eyes, can transform it into something different and mysterious. Purples are so hot this season and adorning lips everywhere, perhaps the perfect time to try it out yourself?

4. Revlon: Black Cherry

Now this is a gem of a find. I have been searching up and down for the perfect 'Fall Lip' without the designer price tag, disappointingly the high-street appeared to fall despairingly short in this area until I stumbled across Black Cherry! In the tube it can be quite misleading as it looks to be a deep aging brown, but on swatching it reveals to be a most glorious deep, warm, blackened burgundy-plum shade. This modest lipstick rivals so many similar shades out there from MAC and the likes and is earning it's time in the spotlight this fall. Again, another rising shade.

5. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer: Galaxy 

I felt the need to add this as I have never mentioned Apocalips before (shocking!) and they truly are something else altogether! The shade Galaxy is a step down from the Rimmel 04, It is a sheerer purple tone that is more suggestive rather than full on. I would recommend this shade if you want to try purple lips for the first time, as it is not too overwhelming yet it gives you the tonal benefit. If you like what it does to your complexion it will be easier to try something more opaque. I am not going to dwell of Apocalips any further as I am working on a post with a full review and swatches for the not so distant future!

6. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner: Obsession

Are you getting sick and tired of Rimmel yet? These liners from Rimmel are ever so soft and creamy and look gorgeous on the lips all by themselves! The shade, Obsession, is an exquisite earthy, plum tone, comparable but brighter than Twig!

7. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Pencil: 011 Spice

Wahheyy almost there. 'Spice' the name is very close to what it looks like in reality. a blend of brown and orange to give you this amazing transition shade. I was drawn to this color, aside from it being pretty, because it was actually very different to what you usually get in drugstore lip products, which is a wonder since I if feel it to be such a standard color that should be offered everywhere. If you are missing Summer as I am, a Summer that came and went away without so much as a trace, then this is for you! It is what I can only describe as a 'sunset' shade, it is Summer-going-on-Autumn! A point to note though is that as a pencil, you can imagine this liner does not go on creamy like the Exaggerate liners., not terrible but some of you may be partial to certain textures.

Swatch time!
And here they are in all their Fallen glory!

From Right to Left: 
Top: 04, Twig, Utopia, Galaxy, Obsession, Spice
Bottom: Black Cherry

And here is me looking really pleased with myself for finally managing to do this post!

I really do hope you enjoyed reading this post.
I  apologize that they are coming so slow.
If you did, you know the drill, +1 me, like me, share me.
And say hello, your ayes and you nays put them all down below and I will get back to you!

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