Wednesday, 1 January 2014
The holidays are drawing to a close for me, in a few days I'll pack up what little belongings I dragged along with me from Leeds and the additional load I have newly purchased *gulp* and be on my way again.

We all know the secret to packing is keeping items to a minimal but interesting enough to last you the duration of your stay. I profess I am a hoarder in some way and I like my 'things'. But this holiday having bought only what I could fit in my makeup bag, I have found myself to be sufficiently equipped and never once feeling neither deprived nor overloaded.

I bought this beauty from one of my favorite stores, TKMax. It is a bi of a crazy warehouse-like mess in there but it houses a great many hidden gems!It is a love-hate sort of thing. This bag is the largest in a collection of three. I loved the oriental print as soon as I laid eyes on it. 

Soo... what IS in my bag? 

Firstly I must point out that I am lacking skincare, as I am waiting for a huge Korean skin care order to come through I don't really want to be buying more. I am relying on a trusty stash of samples to get me through for now.

1. Sun screen

Remember the golden rule of skin care. Use sun screen come rain or shine! Your skin is always subjected to the harmful effects of UV rays.

2. Make-Up Brushes

I have brought 3 different face brushes. The furthest is a large fluffy Eco Tools brush for all over powder application. The second is a flat stippling brush by Real Techniques I like to apply bronzer with and the foremost is of course the popular blush brush for highlighter and blush application.

3. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

For base makeup it has to be my reliable BB cream by Missha. It gives a lovely semi-dewy finish, has sufficient coverage and it super easy to apply using only your fingertips. Its creamy consistency means I can use this on my face whether it is feeling oil or dry.

4. Concealer

My concealer of the moment is this liquid version by Collection. It is a fairly high coverage concealer with a a simple doe-foot applicator, great for on the go.

5. MAC: Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

I have a fair few powders I use interchangeable so never really get the opportunity to get a good feel for any single one. I really want to appreciate this powder more hence it also tagged along.

5. Elizabeth Arden: Pure Finish Bronze Power

This is in my bag for the same reason. I bought this product on a whim and realized that on my skin this shade 'Soft Radiance' is far too light to use as a bronzer but works pretty well as a highlighter. It gives a very subtle pretty glow but is probably not going to make it into my favorites.

6. Philosophy: Divine Blushing Bronzer

You have seen this product time and time again, and rightfully so. I feel it to be the perfect shade for my skin tone, a cool mauve based bronze and easy to pair with any look.

You may realize at this point I am wanting a blush, I actually decided to skip blush and opt for definition instead of color.

7. Loreal: Glam Shine Balm Gloss

I picked this pair up straight after my exams, so they are still fairly new to me. I must say I am enjoying them far more that I imagined I would. They give a gentle rush of color, with a little sheen and bit of sparkle. Although they are typical summery shades, I find them rather uplifting in the drab grey weather we are having. 

8. Urban Decay: Vice 2 Palette

This was purchased on the same day as the Glam Shine. As I am sure most bloggers and vloggers out there were, I was hugely anticipating this holiday palette released by UD, it is limited addition and comes complete with 20 brand new shades to the line. A little end-of-exams gift to myself. Of course I could not leave this behind! It comes with a very decent double ended shadow brush, shader at one end and a blender at the other.

9. Loreal: Super Liner Blackbuster

Quick, simply, easy and you're done in one swipe. Ever since I discovered this, I have not reached for my well loved gel liner, a little sad actually.

10. Rose & Co: Sweet Vanilla Salve

I cannot go a day without this. Rescue treatment for my lips!

11. Osmo: Berber Oil

I believe I have yet to do a hair care blog post fro you so this has not yet propped up. Osmo's Berber Oil smells both floral and fruity. I use a single pump of this through the ends of my damp hair after every wash. It speeds up the drying process and helps my hair dry naturally without going frizzy and static. Love this stuff!!

12. Soap & Glory Hand Food and Heel Genius

Your peripheries (hehe science-nerd coming through) need extra TLC during winter and this pair do the job superbly with their trademark trace of gorgeous scents.

13. Body Shop: Cocoa Butter

...let's be honest, all of you does! Super soft, super moisturizing! I believe this pot of magic to be the best in formula even against its better known fruity friends.

14. Impulse: Very Pink

I always worry about smashing perfume bottles whilst traveling. Impulse body sprays are fabulous for throwing into a bag and using on the go. They are light wearing, not too offensive and have a great range of scents to choose from. Foolproof and safe.

First post of the new year! Hope you enjoyed it and do make the most of what you have left of the holidays. As always, I greatly appreciate your readership, as usual don't forget to like, share, comment, +1 this post if you enjoyed it.
Until next time then,

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