Sunday, 29 September 2013
First and foremost I must begin with a huge apology for my absence of near a month and express quite how ardently I have missed you all and my dear blog - it is my baby after all!

You probably won't be surprised to hear that I am now back at uni and already swimming in a modest mound of work, regretfully keeping this blog afloat and updated for you will not be easy but I am determined that this will not be the end.

I have been home for the weekend but rushed back early this morning on account of a rather wonderful venture that had come to town! Leeds Vintage Fair 2013. You may or may not have heard of it before but these fairs take place every year up and down the country, and comprise of a whole host of vintage inspired traders all under one roof, that roof being Town Hall for us in Leeds.

With racks and racks of clothes to be scoured through I lost no time in getting myself acquainted with what felt like a bustling market place set against a backdrop of enormous cathedral-like organs. What it came down to was a colorful array of the weird, the wonderful and of course the down-right outrageous. Aside from the clothes, what was of particular interest, least of all to myself, were the vintage enthused individuals teetering about in ribbons and full skirts. Trust me, it is not to be missed! If you have a fair coming near you, it may well be the perfect opportunity to try playing Dorothy.

There was certainly no shortage of head turning pieces and fair amount of it felt better suited as theatrical props than everyday wear. I searched long and hard to find something unique, intriguing but also wearable to add to my wardrobe but emerged fruitless much to my disappointment. 

These gloved, for instance, caught my eye. The back of the hand is, as you can see, net and the palm fully covered. They were so cute and the image of a ditsy girl with pigtails prancing around a golf course was not too far off. Would I wear this every day? Err... I am not entirely sure.

I'll tell you what did have me taking my purse out though. The accessories and jewelry tables were teeming with pretties, rhinestone encrusted, beaded, pearls, the lot! Doves and angel wings were a common design, as were pocket watches, busts and even coats of arms!

I adore this hand mirror and brush set! Very Victorian-esque, they would look stunning on someones dressing table/vanity!

I had better get down to the focus of this post, my goodies!! After my lengthy commentary you won't be surprised that I homed in on jewelry. I love the paper bags that they popped them in, I feel like I have come away with candy.

 This is the contents of the first bag. You can see a common trait of worn metal running there, I do like to be particular don't I. 

I absolutely love the design of this ring, the spiraling leaves and the touch of teal on the larger leaf.

Next up is yet another ring, I do love rings, this time floral.

I rather reminds me of a Grecian garland, What do you think?

You probably want a close up of the necklace now, don't you?

Keys! Why I find them so appealing is beyond me but I cannot resist a good, old-fashioned, reliable key!

 This is a very long line necklace that goes all the way down to my stomach! We all love a bit of dangly!

In the second bag is just the one item:

A bit of silver for a change. This necklace, in my opinion, is beautiful! I suppose as a writer, the script design within it appeals to my inner 'Jane Austen fan-girl'. If you can relate then you will lovelovelove a post that I have just, at this very second, been inspired, by my own person, to write. It involves Words, Darcy and a Tardis, I will say no more!

But yes, that concludes my spoils from Leeds Vintage Fair 2013. Hmm.. I am rather pleased with my lot, and I cannot wait to wear them up and out! Do any of these pieces take you fancy? Do post below and let me know of your opinions. And if you have been to a Vintage Fair yourself, what did you think? Share your thoughts, I love reading them! Signing off..


p.s: If you are wondering why there are roses everywhere, I bought a plant, well two actually, for my uni room from the Freshers Fair. They may look a little burnt, that is because they kind of are. I left them on my window sill in full sunlight over the weekend, they clearly didn't like it. Oops!

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