Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I cannot recall the last time I had gone through and hit the bottom of a single product; it is a rare occurrence indeed, so you can understand my excitement when I came to the final spluttering pumps of my Maybelline foundation. Finishing a product strongly signifies one thing, it is well loved. Many things in my make-up collection are loved, but are either difficult to work with to wear regularly or require a certain look or a particular climate. This foundation however, has gotten me through my hair tear-ingly stressful last year of college and the excitement and buzz (and again, let us not forget stress) of first year of university, without a single mishap or mayhem.

I was fortunate to come across this product before making my purchase, one particular morning following a cousin's wedding getting when I unwittingly misplaced my then foundation. My younger cousin, who was so kind as to offer me hers, the Dream Satin Liquid, though the entirely wrong colour for me I was immediately blown away by its soft silky texture. If I am to be strictly honest with you, had I not, so aptly lost my foundation that morning (later discovered in my parent's bedroom, three females under the same roof should be explanation enough) I doubt I would have ever entertained the thought to approach Maybelline for foundation again, my previous experience with them could not allow it (that is another post for another day). But it is safe to say that the product worked well for me and the opportunity to become acquainted with it was well worth appearing in front of our new in-laws sporting a peculiar orange tinge.
So moving onto the particulars-
The facts:
The product comes in 30ml quantity, packaged in a glass bottle with a hard plastic pump dispenser and a soft plastic clear lid. It is a good size and fits in the hand well. The pump dispenser makes application that little bit more hygienic and is easy to control, pumping out only as much as you need (the main concern when it comes to pump dispensers). The look may be considered outdated, but for the time it was purchased and still now it is quite sweet. It retails at £7.99 (Boots/Superdrug).
Source: own product image
Retail price: £7.99
(please excuse the poor quality)
It may be of some use to readers for me to own up to my skin type which is, regrettably, blemish prone and combination (literally), oily T Zone, dry on cheeks and around the mouth. To top it off, I also have centrally aligned visible pores concentrated on my forehead - delightful.
Personal verdict:
The product is described by Maybelline as 'air-whipped, light and luminous'. As I have already mentioned previously the texture is soft, it also wears on the face weightlessly and has a somewhat of a dewy finish, this is not a matt foundation. The coverage can be described as light-to-medium, perfect for me when using on a daily basis. It tends to last relatively well throughout the day and is kind to my dryer areas. I had noticed though that at the end of the day my T zone became quite oily, even under powder so this may not be best for those with primarily oily skin. On the Boots website, it is also described as giving '100% poreless skin', over the course of my using this product, I had not once noticed a difference in either the quantity nor the size of my pores. It also claims on the packaging that the foundation gives an 'airbrushed' finish, although I thought this product to be very good, I do not personally think it is quite that good, particularly on those occasions involving flashing cameras when we most certainly would wish to be looking airbrushed.
This foundation has served me well and has lasted me a decent length of time, to the point I could not wait to get rid of it (in a good way). And while I cannot fault it, I am open and eager to shop around and experiment with other brands with the hope of finding something... exquisite. Whether this search will prove fruitful, who knows? One thing for sure though, if all I strike are moisture-suckers and pimple-provokers, I am rest assured, knowing I have the Maybelline Dream Satin to fall back on as my failsafe, all-year-round foundation.

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